Over the years, attorneys at the Firm have represented dozens of businesses and public agencies, including:

  • United States Department of State
  • State of New Hampshire
  • County of Marin, CA
  • County of San Mateo, CA
  • County of Santa Cruz, CA
  • County of Monterey, CA
  • City of Imperial Beach, CA
  • City of Santa Cruz, CA
  • City of Richmond, CA
  • City of Santa Monica, CA
  • City of Bakersfield, CA
  • City of Livingston, CA
  • City of St. Louis, MI
  • City of Riverside, CA
  • City of Oceanside, CA
  • City of New York, NY
  • City of Pomona, CA
  • City of Auburn, CA
  • City of Sunnyvale, CA
  • City of San Buenaventura, CA,
  • City of Sacramento, CA (and neighboring water agencies)
  • Hawaii Water Service Co., HI
  • Contra Costa Water District, CA
  • California Water Service Company
  • South Tahoe Public Utility District, CA
  • Sunnyvale Redevelopment Agency, CA
  • Sacramento Suburban Water District, CA
  • County of Maui Board of Water Supply, HI
  • Vallejo Sanitation Flood Control District, CA
  • Rio Linda Elverta Community Water District, CA

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