Sher Edling LLP represents businesses, cities and other public agencies in high-impact, high-value environmental cases. We combine decades of top-level litigation and trial experience with an unwavering dedication to holding polluters accountable for the damage they cause.

Our work arises out of our conviction that the courts provide the last even playing field to take on the biggest polluters. We want to change the behavior of the world’s largest corporations so that they no longer make everyone else pay for the damage caused by their pollution. Our team signed up for this work to make a difference for our clients and the world.


Climate Change

Climate change is the issue of our lifetime. Its effects can be seen now, both locally and globally. The damages and costs are already piling up, and businesses and local governments are forced to find ways to mitigate the impacts and pay the costs of doing so. At the same time, the law is quickly adapting to address the challenges of climate change, and advances in science have deepened our understanding of the problem, the solutions and the culprits.

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Water Contamination

Water is our most precious natural resource. Nothing else is as vital to people, cities, agriculture, industry, and the environment. When our water supplies are contaminated, it jeopardizes public health and our economy. It also imposes substantial costs on landowners whose wells are poisoned, and on the water districts who are responsible for providing clean water to local communities – costs that are ultimately borne by their customers. The expenses associated with a history of careless or callous corporate contamination are huge, and those who contaminate our water supplies should have to pay those costs – not the landowners, residents and businesses who are victimized by the pollution.

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Land Contamination

From pesticides to oil spills to toxic waste, land contamination comes from a host of sources. The effects of these and other chemicals can be devastating and long-lasting. Crops are poisoned. Fish and wildlife are harmed. People, businesses and communities are damaged. While tracing these contaminants to those who are responsible for the contamination can be laborious and complex, holding those parties accountable is essential to protecting our communities and future generations.


Bee populations have declined at alarming rates in recent years, and there is powerful evidence that chemical pesticides are a leading cause. Without bees, a wide variety of fruits, nuts and vegetables, which in turn support other industries like beef and textiles, would be at risk. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, commercial honey bees—used to pollinate crops around the country—add $15 billion annually in value to American crops. Protecting bees means safeguarding agriculture, the economy, and, ultimately, our way of life.

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